Community Outreach Leaders

Community Outreach Leaders are men and women or businesses that have extended them and/or their resources to further or begin work within our communities.  These leaders are not your casual supporters, no; they have made a commitment and developed partnerships throughout our communities. 

Moses and Ron

Nearly 30 years ago, a friendship started that would last decades – bringing two spiritual brothers together on a journey of growth, love and friendship.


Upon moving to Atlanta in 1988, Andre Moses White, in 1989 started The Georgia Sentinel newspaper with his son Andre “Lucky” White.  One meeting that year brought forth a remarkable story and served as the foundation for a lifelong friendship between Moses White and Ron Edenfield (Co-Founder and Owner of Wayfield Foods). 


As Moses discussed his newspaper with Ron, he learned that Ron was a Winn-Dixie veteran who had recently opened his own stores.  Remembering his father’s strong connection to Winn-Dixie, Moses felt this chance meeting had not been chance at all. 


After sharing the Winn-Dixie and family stories, Ron and Moses realized the need for them to join forces to make the business and the community stronger.  Ron wanted to give back to the community that had been his customer.  Moses joined the Wayfield Foods Board and started working with Ron to engage with community leaders and Wayfield customers.  Through job opportunities, education about healthy eating, and efforts to create inexpensive family meals, Wayfield Foods is a part of the community it serves.


While some see their relationship and only see color, Ron and Moses view themselves as brothers with a foundation in Christ, a commitment to the community and a determination to continue to grow Wayfield Foods.


Community Partners