2015 Awardees

Ray Howell, MD 

The Salute to Doctors Award ceremony is an exciting, honarable and extravagant event recognizing outstanding physicians, community service leaders and professionals that give their time and effort to help build and keep our communities sustainable and progressive.  The event provides a beacon of light on those that put forward magnanimous endeavors, devotion and unwavering dedication to make our communities safe and invunerable as well as enriching our community environment with vitality and wellness.  

I cannot thank the FSP South DeKalb Community Development enough for recognizing me in it's 2015 Salute to Doctors, Physicians and Caregivers.  I felt honored to be part of the Salute and hope to continue to be a positive influence in my community.

Earl Thurmond, MD

Stephanie Wrencher

The salute was an amazing honor to be recognized for the hard work we do daily that often goes unnoticed and under appreciated. Especially as our work load gets even more demanding,  we feel like our work and sacrifices are often taken for granted and this was a great acknowledgement for our hard work. I was honored to receive such an amazing recommendation from you and for this I will always be grateful. Thank you again.