Our Special Events Team. 

The FSP South DeKalb Community Development, Inc. is a non-profit corporation organized to provide charitable, educational and support services for homeless and economically disadvantaged individuals, families and juveniles helping to attain a life of self-sufficiency. The programs consist of, but are not limited to Outreach Advocacy, The Eldoris S. Williams Food Pantry, For Youth At High Risk, Health Care, Homelessness, Housing, Employment, Literacy, Counseling, Temporary Shelter, Teenage Pregnancy, Job Training, Job Placement and Acquisition, Substance Abuse Awareness and Prevention, Tutoring, AIDS, and other programs to aid those in need.


Dr. Sherell Vicks-Crawford serves as the chairperson of the special events committee which plans and implements events to meet the mission of the FSP South DeKalb Community Development, Inc.


Teresa Vicks Givens serves as the secretary  of the committee.


Kemnesia Hobbs serves as the Sponsorship Liaison for the Committee.


Marva Love Patterson serves as the Co-Chairperson and participant liasion of the special events committee.


Mary Martin-Blackmon serves as a point of contact for all vendors and logistics at all events.

Public Relations

Deborah M. Harmond serves as a public relations person for the committee


D. Bruce Blackmon serves as a point of contact for all vendors and logistics at all events.

Technical Support

Marcie Clark is responsible for providing technical support for the committee.


Timi Simpson serves as Treasurer for the committee.

Our Awards

P.A.C.E. Award

The Winnie

The Winnie Award has been created to honor Winifred "Winnie" Baker Hill and will be awarded each year to a person or persons from the community that embodies her spirit through acts of service, charity, compassion and faith.   

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